Beer Bottles and MJ

Pavarotti’s Granddaughter



It is beautiful and emotional. Pavarotti’s grand daughter is only 15 years old.

Volume up, sit back and enjoy.

What a voice, she inherited a lot of Pavarotti’s DNA.

The Style Transformation of David Bowie

Live Concert – Elvis Presley in 1977 !!!‏

Any Elvis Fans
This just makes me want to cry for him, sad
                                                                A piece of real history—-enjoy!!!!!!!


This song was sung on June 20th 1977 and Elvis died on the 18th of August 1977, 37 years ago.   Somebody discovered this recording of the REAL ELVIS…

He had just recorded this song and it was not even on the market. Two weeks prior of this song coming out, he sang it for the first time in public….  You could see that he was not well.


A young guitarist meets his hero

(Via my Facebook TED subscription – Ed)


10 things we didn’t know last week

North Korea children playing the guitar

Nobody Expected THIS To Happen


A girl gives some coins to a street musician.

A Piano Concert…

 (I saved this one for Mother’s Day for obvious reasons – Ed)
What an inspiration! Just look at the smile on her face and what she’s accomplished. You may never forget her. How lucky, in these circumstances, to be blessed with such a mother WHO I NOMINATE FOR WORLD MOTHER OF THE YEAR !! WE NEED TO CLONE HER.