The queen and Prince George

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Normandy 70 years later

Same place 70 years later


Delicate Leaf Cuttings By Omid  Asadi
My name is Omid Asadi and I currently live in Manchester, United Kingdom. I created this work with carving and cutting techniques on actual fallen leaves using a craft knife and a needle. I always try to create pieces with a message, not just beautiful art. Some of these messages or ideas come from my world view, poems, stories, global problems and philosophy. I’m also inspired by other artists’ and designers’ works.

Leaf’s Mind
I’m very attentive to beautiful fallen leaves. Suddenly,
I started SEEING them, not simply looking at them.

I believe that we look at many things everyday, but don’t SEE them.
For example, apples had been falling from trees for thousands of years,
but only Isaac Newton truly saw that and, thanks to him,
our lives have changed forever.


Che Guevara


Once I visited a paper cutting exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery;
that was when I noticed the leaves as well.

I mostly use maple leaves because, in the area I live, I can find them easily.


I use a craft knife or scalpel and needle. It is not like a paper cutting because each part needs a certain pressure to cut. If I make a mistake, I destroy maybe hundreds of hours of work.





For me these leaves represent our life, which is too short. I’m trying to give them another life.

John Lennon

Simorgh (phoenix)
I remember when I was a little kid, I used to draw on
the back of rose petals and leaves with a needle.

Old Hand

Persian Cheetah

I created this work to support the Persian Cheetah,
which is a species that is at risk of becoming extinct.

Nature’s Scream


I have received loads of positive feedback from the public and media, and I am glad
people like my works and enjoy them. This shows how we can create beauty, love and
make this world better for all of human kind and other creatures instead of suffering
from wars, conflicts, diseases, hunger, hatred, etc.

Me In Action

The Bobby Darin “Dream Car”


When fins were in… what, a blind spot!!!


Therefore they made the rear roof all glass


The 1960 DiDia 150 was a luxury, custom-designed iconic, handmade car also known as the “Dream Car” forever associated with its second owner, singer Bobby Darin. The car was designed by Andrew Di Dia,  a clothing designer, who Bobby Darin had met whilst on tour in Detroit in 1957.  Darin telling Di Dia at the time that he would purchase the car if he ever “hit it big”.  For seven years, from 1953 to 1960 the DiDia 150 was hand-built by four workers, at a cost of $93,647.29  but sold to Darin in 1961 at a cost of over $150,000 (1.5 million today). ] At the time the car was listed as most expensive ‘custom-made’ car in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. ] The body was hand-formed by Ron Clark  and constructed by Bob Kaiser from Clark Kaiser Customs.


The Bobby Darin Dream Car001

Its metallic red paint was made with 30 coats of ground diamonds

for sparkle.

Built in Detroit, Michigan, clothing designer Andrew ‘Andy’ Di Dia designed  this “unrestrained and unconventional” automobile.  Only one example was ever built.



The normal V8 engine is located at the front with  an engine displacement of 365/427.  It has a rear-wheel drive, the body and chassis is hand-formed from 064 aluminum with a 125-inch wheelbase alloy tube frame.



The Bobby Darin Dream Car002


It has a glass cockpit in back, a squared steering wheel and thermostatically controlled air conditioning system.  


The Bobby Darin Dream Car003


The interior is rust colored in contrast to the ruby paintwork.

The design included the first backseat-mounted radio speakers and hidden windshield wipers,  that started themselves when it rained.  Other features include retractable headlamps, rear indicators that swivel as the car turns, ‘floating’ bumpers and a trunk that was hinged from the driver’s side.  Each of the four bucket seats have their own thermostatically controlled air conditioning, individual cigarette lighters and ashtrays, as well as a radio speaker.  The original engine, a Cadillac V8, was later replaced by a 427 high-performance by Ford when it was taken on the show circuit.

The Bobby Darin Dream Car004

Darin drove his wife, Sandra Dee, in the car to the 34th Academy Awards  in 1961.

When Bobby drove the car to the Academy Awards, Andrew Di Dia and Steve Blauner followed behind him in a limousine. The car had two fans and a switch that you had to turn on. Bobby didn’t realize, so it heated up. All the magazines said the car caught fire but it didn’t.

The Bobby Darin Dream Car005

Di Dia toured the car around the country, when Darin wasn’t using it for public appearances. After publicity and film use, Darin donated his “Dream Car” to the St Louis Museum of Transportation in 1970 where it remains.

 The Bobby Darin Dream Car006 The Bobby Darin Dream Car007 The Bobby Darin Dream Car008




This is  Andrew Di Dia  the car designer.

Amazingly talented artist!‏

Amazing talent!
A skill like woodworking takes years and thousands of hours to become more than just a proficient at, but this man invested that time to be a certifiable master.
His name is Randall Rosenthal and he has talent that can result in mind-bending illusions.
The project in the gallery below all started with three pieces of white pine he glued together. What he turned that block of wood into is so cool.
He glued the pieces of pine together as a base.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 001
Randall Rosenthal
Once the adhesive cured, he was ready to begin carving the block.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 002
Randall Rosenthal
He slowly whittled it down into an interesting shape.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 003
Randall Rosenthal
It wasn’t uniform.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 004
Randall Rosenthal
The edges were jagged. What could it be?
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 005
Randall Rosenthal
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 006
Randall Rosenthal
This is where the project began looking like the final project: a cardboard box.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 007
Randall Rosenthal
By chipping away at the block of wood and hollowing out different sections, he was able to create the illusion that it was a box containing something.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 008
Randall Rosenthal
He spent hours carefully carving the sides to give the illusion of corrugated cardboard.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 009
Randall Rosenthal
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 010
Randall Rosenthal
The effect was incredible.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 011
Randall Rosenthal
He took a break from the hours of carving to begin adding paint to the piece.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 012
Randall Rosenthal
He carefully painted what was to be inside of the box: stacks of money.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 013
Randall Rosenthal
Not only is Randall a gifted woodworker, but his painting skills are incredible as well.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 014
Randall Rosenthal
After being painstakingly careful painting the bills and their details, he began slowly adding color to the cardboard.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 015
Randall Rosenthal
Since “cardboard” isn’t something you can paint on in one sitting, he had to add light, washed out layers over and over.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 016
Randall Rosenthal
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 017
Randall Rosenthal
He was able to carve something with so much depth and texture out of a simple block of wood.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 018
Randall Rosenthal
The finished product, “Old Money,” is incredibly realistic.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 019
Randall Rosenthal
No matter how long I stare at this, I can’t be convinced that it’s NOT a box of money.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 020
Randall Rosenthal
A Japanese TV station interviewed Randall because of this incredible work.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 021
Randall Rosenthal
Old Money was such a hit, he is being commissioned to make a second box.
Amazingly talented artist!‏ 022
Randall Rosenthal

The finished product, a real wood carving and a fake cardboard box, is an awesome illusion. No matter how long I stare at Old Money, it just looks like a cardboard box.


Maps to help you understand the world.

(Oops!  I pressed the ‘Publish’ button by accident. Here’s the complete posting. – Ed.)
1. This map shows the world divided into 7 sections (each with a distinct color) with each section containing 1 billion people.
Maps to help you understand the world001
2. This map shows (in white) where 98 percent of Australia ‘s population lives.
Maps to help you understand the world002
3. It may not come as a surprise but more people live inside the circle than outside of it.
Maps to help you understand the world003
4. This map shows what is on the other side of the world from where you are standing.  For the most part it will probably be water.
Maps to help you understand the world004
5. Apparently you can’t get Big Macs everywhere.  This map shows (in red) the countries that have McDonalds.
Maps to help you understand the world005
6. This map shows the countries (in blue) where people drive on the left side of the road.
Maps to help you understand the world006
7. This map shows countries (in white) that England has never invaded.  There are only 22 of them.
Maps to help you understand the world007
8. The line in this map shows all of the world’s Internet connections in 1969.
Maps to help you understand the world008
9. This map shows the countries that heavily restricted Internet access in 2013.
Maps to help you understand the world009
10. This map shows (in red) countries that were all Communist at one point in time.
Maps to help you understand the world010
11. This map shows (in red) the countries that don’t use the metric system.
Maps to help you understand the world011
12. This map shows (in blue) places where Google street view is available.
Maps to help you understand the world012
13. This map shows (in green) all the landlocked countries of the world.
Maps to help you understand the world013
14. And this is what the world would look like if all the countries with coast lines sank.
Maps to help you understand the world014
15. This is a map of the all the rivers in the United States .
Maps to help you understand the world015
16. And these are all the rivers that feed into the Mississippi River .
Maps to help you understand the world016
17. This is a map of the highest paid public employees in the United States .
Maps to help you understand the world017
18. This map shows how much space the United States would occupy on the moon.
Maps to help you understand the world018
19. This map shows the longest straight line you can sail.  It goes from Pakistan all the way to Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia for a total of 20,000 miles.
Maps to help you understand the world019
20. This is a map of 19th century shipping lanes that outlines the continents.
Maps to help you understand the world020
21. This map shows (in navy blue) every country that has ever operated an aircraft carrier.
Maps to help you understand the world021
22. This map highlights the countries (in red and orange) with the most skyscrapers.
Maps to help you understand the world022
23. This map shows (in red, orange, and yellow) the world’s largest donors of foreign aid with red being the biggest donor.
Maps to help you understand the world023
24. This map shows the most photographed places in the world.
Maps to help you understand the world024
25. And this map shows all the places where you can get eaten by a Great White shark!
Maps to help you understand the world025

How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal

How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal

Baby Boom-er‏

How Babies are Made in CanadaCanadian photographer Patrice Laroche surely will have no trouble explaining his kids about the birds and the bees. During his wife Sandra Denis’ pregnancy, the artist created hilarious explanatory photo series titled “How to Make a Baby”. The creative couple planned and carried out their project throughout the whole period of 9 months, taking pictures in the exact same settings as Sandra’s belly expanded.
The pregnancy saga of Sandra and Patrice basically denounces all the traditional cabbage and the stork stories.
Baby Boom-er‏_001
Baby Boom-er‏_002
Baby Boom-er‏_003
Baby Boom-er‏_004
Baby Boom-er‏_005
Baby Boom-er‏_006
Baby Boom-er‏_007

Think You’ve Seen Everything?



OK – NOW you’ve seen

Animals in Action….‏

Time for a chuckle…

You may have to wait a minute or two for these pictures to load. The following are all “moving pictures” and they are each absolutely adorable.

Let me chew on your ear a minute…

I got your toes… No, I got YOURS!

This one just broke me up!

Round and round we go… this sure beats chasing your own tail

By spring, this cat’s gonna be a hop-scotch champ!

These two truly make an ODD COUPLE

Just a minute Mr. DeMille… let me get ready for my close-up!

You think outgrowing your clothes is a problem? Try outgrowing your pet door

Life is too short not to take time out to enjoy the fun.

The best part of life is when family members become your friends and friends become family.