I like to share some of the stuff I find funny or interesting or amazing that I get sent to me by family and friends, but since my email account was hacked recently it’s become a bit of a rave.  I changed my email account password of course and as an extra precaution I deleted all my contacts.  So forwarding funny and interesting stuff is a bit tiresome to say the least – hence this blog.

Content is published pretty much as received – except when it isn’t.  Email quote marks on forwarded email text are stripped.  Slideshows, eg .pps files are unpacked or sampled for publishing and made available for downloading as sent.   Other formatting changes are made to fit the blog format.  Senders comments are included as-is, any comments I make are prefixed (or suffixed) with “Ed.” or something similar.

When I get a sense of deja vu all over again I only do a cursory look to see if I have already shared an email, so duplicates are very possible.

New Rule. (with a nod to Bill Maher) – Facebook has become a preferred sharing vehicle for some of my family and friends so I now include FB as a source.

15Sep2013 – I learned today that ads may be appearing on my blog posts.  I have no control over the ads other than purchasing an upgrade – which I choose not to do.  See here for info on the WordPress ad policy.

18Dec2013 – Originally I posted only non-subscribed content, but recently I have changed that to include material received from sites I subscribe to such as TwistedSifter and PICTURECORRECT.

27Jan2014 – For clarity, with the exception of this page and an occasional editorial comment none of the content on this blog originates from me.  WordPress adds the personal attribution automatically.

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  1. I really like your blog, it would be a good practice to put the source where your posting is coming from as way of acknowledgement.

    • Thank you seeker. Glad you like my little blog.

      WRT acknowledging sources – I agree that it is a good practice, but the vast majority of my posts are cut and paste from emails from friends and family. If the source is in the email it is included in the post. If I am motivated to do further research before posting I do include links to salient pages. But on the whole I use the blog as I originally intended it – as a substitute for blindly forwarding emails.

      On occasion while surfing the net I light upon material I have previously posted. In those cases I update my original post to include a reference to the found source.

      I have recently extended the scope of the blog to include material posted to me on Facebook. In the cases where the source is not inherent in the material I note the name of the Facebook page that posted it to me. Of course that is only for material cut and pasted from public pages I am subscribed to.


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