The Internet and the incredible things that people think of never cease to amaze me.
Just when you think you have seen it all, here comes a really cute one. Enjoy! If this becomes boring at least check the last few of a plane breaking the sound barrier.
Just think..someone spent a lot of money to be different!

I Kinda like the chimney on this one!
If this is the’d better be awake, if you have to go in the middle of the night…..

Last time that I was in the dog house, it surely didn’t look like this!

If you happen to use the back door, watch out for that first step, It’s a doozy !

Mother & daughter combo…. for a weird family!

Purple polka dots on green I think I’m going to be sick………

For the kid who has everything !!

Hmmm….so, THAT’S a cat house?

Excuse me..I think I’m going to be sick again !

Couldn’t find another place to put the garage ……???

I could live here but with my luck, a tornado would turn it up-side down !!

Sure is a long way to carry the groceries !!

But honey…I said I wanted a ‘free’ house !!

Where Michelangelo lived as a teenager !!

“What’s the next stop on this train?”

“Hey guys, sober me up before you take me home , o.k. ?”
Sound Barrier Pictures
Ok folks, for all of you who have never personally seen the sound barrier, feast your eyes on the pictures.
Actual photos of the sound barrier
This phenomenon only happens at the instant an
Aircraft breaks the sound barrier
And it literally appears like the aircraft goes through a wall.
I hope you find these pictures as fascinating as I did.
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