Christmas Blues

The feel of it is in the air

It’s hard for me to avoid

The shoppers bumping into me

As I pay my bill I’m annoy


The Christmas pressure is around the world

I wonder why they can’t see

That they have joyous families

While mine is far from me


This cannot be a happy time

With the homeless in the cold

The shoppers pass on by them

with their story yet untold


I try to see the cause behind

This occasion into which we are thrown

But it’s drowned out by the commercial side

which is more likely to be known


Your friends buy you presents

which you know you can’t return

Christmas dinner just for yourself

The Turkey pie is burned


All alone I am with no one here

I have nothing but empty time

While families knock at your doors

The bailiff knocks at mine


There are lots of lonely people

Trying to pay there dues

So spare a thought for one of them

Who suffers with Christmas Blues